Connecting Americans to the value of water in our lives.

Our Work

Water. Simple. Almost free. Comes out of the tap when we turn it on. We think we know it. But really, we don’t. Water knows no boundaries. It touches every aspect of our lives, and all life depends on it.

At the Water Main we’re catalyzing conversation, community and action in support of clean, abundant, accessible water.


To make the value of water more visible for Americans, we focus on how water connects to tangible and visible aspects of people’s lives.

Water and…







Our Projects


Water Detective Series

Water is weird, wonderful and worth protecting! One thing we can all do to keep our water safe is get to know it better, so we teamed up with our friends at Brains On!® and Earth Echo International to help kids learn all about the water in the world around them.


Flyover: Down the Mississippi River

In July 2018, the Water Main partnered with Minnesota Public Radio® host Kerri Miller, MPR News, New Orleans Public Radio, and Iowa Public Radio to produce a special week of live call-in shows to give listeners a greater appreciation of how the Mississippi River influences the economy, culture and environment of the communities along its path.


MPR Water Month

In April 2018, the Water Main partnered with the news and music services of Minnesota Public Radio to see what a company-wide push around water issues would look like.


Know Water, Know Beer

Crisp, funky, floral, bitter, hoppy, malty, sour. There is no shortage of words used to describe the many flavors of beer. Walk into any taproom and you’ll find brewers and beer drinkers discussing the specific combination of hops, grains and yeast that combine to create a great tasting beer. But to truly know beer, you must know water.


How Americans Relate to Water

The Water Main wanted to know: How do Americans relate to water? To shed light on that question, we partnered with the APM Research Lab, the research arm of American Public Media, and Wilder Research to conduct this national study that asked Americans just that.


Road Salt

The Water Main put together a multi-platform project looking at the trade-offs of heavy road salt use in a snowy place like Minnesota and the alternatives to its use.



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