Connecting Americans to the value of water in our lives.

Connecting Americans to the value of water in our lives.


Field Work Podcast

Field Work provides space for frank discussions about the benefits and challenges of sustainable agriculture. Hosts Zach Johnson and Mitchell Hora explore the successes and challenges farmers experience as they adopt new practices, without greenwashing over the difficulties.

Outside in MN

Brought to you by the Water Main and MPR News, Outside in MN is an app that provides timely weather updates, events and how-to guides to prepare you for your next outdoor adventure. Download the app, populate your organization's events, or share the app with your friends.

Great Lakes Water Equity

In early 2018, the Water Main asked: What’s going on with rising drinking water prices in the Great Lakes? That question sparked a collaboration with APM Reports, Great Lakes Today, and a consortium of public radio stations for a nine month investigation.



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