Connecting Americans to the value of water in our lives.

Connecting Americans to the value of water in our lives.


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The Water Main from American Public Media is a hub that brings people together, informs and expands perspectives, catalyzes new thinking and action, and builds community around water across the country.


The Field Work Podcast

We're proud to introduce Field Work, a podcast for farmers by farmers. Hosted by two commercial row-crop farmers, Field Work provides space for frank, realistic discussions about the benefits and challenges of sustainable agriculture.



Year In Review

Read our 2018 Year in Review for a snapshot of what we accomplished our first year.

Great Lakes Water Equity

In cities across the country, the cost of water has risen dramatically in recent years, forcing hundreds of thousands of people to endure weeks or even months without an essential resource.

Just eat it: why food waste matters

Growing food isn't easy. It takes land, labor, water, fertilizer, and more. So why does 40% of food in the U.S. go uneaten? Our radio special digs into the issue of food waste and tastes test some possible solutions.



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