Premises That Guide Our Strategy


Connecting with personal values, beliefs and perspectives

Facts and data matter, but building understanding and relevance also requires connecting with individuals. We focus on scientifically accurate content that educates and resonates with our audiences’ personal values and perspectives.

Understanding and action aren’t built overnight…or alone.

We are in this for the long haul, building deep understanding and engagement with the issues. We recognize we cannot meet our goals alone, and building new types of collaborations for media is both essential to meeting our objectives and the intent of the initiative.

We are not the audience.

We vigorously focus on understanding diverse audiences’ perspectives and finding ways to be most relevant to them, so that we can reach our goal of increasing public Water IQ and Water EQ.

All Americans depend on water.

The topic of water bridges political, economic and geographic divisions. We focus on strategies that seek to unite and connect Americans with each other and with this resource.

Public will, not a “solution,” is the end goal.

We are solution-neutral, and we do not advocate for a particular outcome. We play an essential role in spurring new thinking and action by creating the public will — in the form of an engaged constituency — that values water. And we do it in a way that will endure over time and in the face of changing political leadership.

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