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How Americans Relate to Water

It’s essential to my existence... I couldn’t make...macaroni and cheese or shower without it. Clean water specifically. My pets depend on it. It’s intrinsic to one’s life and livelihood.

Americans are increasingly asked to make important decisions about managing our collective water resources. To do so, we believe that people need both Water IQ, an understanding of key issues, and Water EQ, a personal connection to water.

The Water Main has begun our work by highlighting the central and complex role that water plays in our lives—from our economy, to our well-being, to our food, and even to our cultural and spiritual identities.

As we began to dive deeper into our work, we wanted to know: How do Americans relate to water?

To shed light on that question, The Water Main partnered with the APM Research Lab and Wilder Research to conduct this national study that asked Americans just that.


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